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((My Chinese is terrible and this is a translation in the Loosest Sense Of The Word. In case anyone stumbles upon it, feel free to point out any mistakes - I'm entirely sure that there's a tonne of them))

4月21日, Taiwan's indie music group Sodagreen successfully concluded their "当我们一起走过" concert tour with two shows at HK's Hung Hom Coliseum. Tickets sold out quickly for their first time coming to perform in HK and, in return, fans showed their incomparable warmth and passion.

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As part of 'Yaxue needs to get back into Cpop', I decided to start looking up the G-Music chart too. So here's me stopping ignoring JJ Lin.
And ugh, I'd forgotten how much I like his voice. Especially towards that English bridge it struck me as so rich and pretty.
Video-wise, the bunny out-cutes him, but only barely. Sterling work, Bunny-tongshi.
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Hong Kong pop star Sita Chan died after a serious automobile accident in Hong Kong on April 17, 2013. She was 26 years old.
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This was playing on the bus today. It's called Lovex4 and was used as the incidental music in the film The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel (厨子戏子痞子).

I would just like to say that this is what I get for ignoring the Cpop chart for so long. New jam. Maybe new favourite video too (though I suspect I don't need to see the film). Also, wiki tells me she's from Qiqihar, which is automatic bonus points imo //always wanted to go there.


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